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Deeper connection

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Over the years of connecting with the fire, I slowly began to deepen my connection.

I remember meeting with my business partner one morning (before moving to Texas). We work remotely, so I logged into my computer to speak with her. She greeted me with a "Hey, I need your help." The urgency in her voice jolted me.

She told me about her good friend from law school who was going through a tough period. He had lost his job and needed to move into his parent's basement. His wife was unhappy and they had developed marital issues. He felt stuck and depressed.

I never met him, but I identified with his plight because I had experienced feeling stuck at my parent's home, when I didn't have a stable job and couldn't move out.

My business partner said he was a good person and asked if I knew of any job openings. I didn't, but it felt unsatisfying to leave it at that.

I thought for a moment. I told her I could try praying for him during one of my fire ceremonies. I had never tried that before, but it was the least I could offer. She appreciated the offer.

That evening I sat before the fire and prepared to conduct a Maha Mrityunjaya Homa (known as the Great Death Conquering Mantra, which was a fire ceremony I had learned in addition to Agnihotra). After initiating the fire with the opening mantra and began chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, I slipped into a familiar hypnotic rhythm.

I didn't know exactly how to offer help to him. Nonetheless, while making the fire offerings I brought his name to my mind and allowed a vision of him to form in my mind's eye. I didn't know what he looked like so I allowed the vision in my mind to take its own shape.

I immediately noticed a heavy, dense energy in my chest. I intuitively knew that this energy was connected with him.

An inspiration came to me: to connect this form of him in my mind's eye to the fire before me.

I felt a pressure build up in my forehead, as it took concentration and breath control (while chanting) to hold the vision of him in the fire. Like a bonfire beginning to consume a log, I saw the fire slowly begin to consume him. As the fire began to feed and grow, I noticed a euphoric feeling begin to grow in my heart. It was small and localized at first. But as the fire began to grow and consume the vision of him, I felt the euphoria in my heart begin to expand and reach out to my throat and spine. Maintaining my concentration, I held his energy connect with the fire until the fire completely consumed him, and the euphoria was fully radiating throughout my body.

I felt I did what I could for him. I concluded the fire ceremony. I didn't know if what I did made a difference, but I at least made the effort.

A few days later when I spoke to my business partner, I asked about how her friend was. Asking was also a way for me assess the affect of the fire ceremony I had performed for him. I didn't have any expectations but was curious if it made a difference.

She jubilantly remarked that he was "Great!" She said that out of nowhere, he received a job offer and was starting to make plans to move out to find a place of his own for him and his wife.

Intuitively I understood this was the fire's doing. I was surprised of the quick turnaround, and the potency of the healing fire.

I also understood it was a message to help me understand the potency of the healing fire, and how to use it as a tool for healing.

The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra would become a powerful tool I would use to help others, and help unlock stuck areas in my life.

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