Can Brainwave Analysis demonstrate Agnihotra’s Impact on Mental Tranquility?

The Vedas say that when you perform evening Agnihotra, it gives you mental tranquility until morning, and when you perform morning Agnihotra the tranquility lasts to the evening. Hence the cycle of mental tranquility is replenished with each Agnihotra.

If this is the case, how do brainwave scans appear during some of the most stressful times during the day, e.g., during work?

I have engaged in a consistent Agnihotra practice for nearly 13 years. I monitored myself during my workday using the EEG headband, and below are screenshots of absolute brain waves during work.

The first set of screenshots was from a conference call I attended in which I was passively listening (i.e., not mentally engaged). The second set of screenshots was from when I was conducting market research and was engaged in reading.

Working: Passively Listening to a Conference Call

Working: Conducting Market Research and Engaged in Reading