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Augment your Meditation with Agnihotra

How does Agnihotra impact meditation?

I monitored a meditation session during Agnihotra and one during the day without Agnihotra, using the Muse 2 EEG headband.

Below is a screenshot of absolute brain waves during meditation with Agnihotra and meditation without Agnihotra.

Meditation during Agnihotra

Meditation without Agnihotra


During both meditations, alpha brainwaves were most predominant.

During Agnihotra, alpha bands included 42.7% of all brainwaves, with the delta, theta, and beta brainwaves relatively equal at 17.4%, 16%, and 17.1%, respectively.

During meditation without Agnihotra, alpha bands included 35% of all brainwaves, followed by delta waves at 26.1%. The beta band was at 17.2% and theta was at 15.1%.

To note, taking the above two meditation sessions, average total alpha band brainwaves increased by 20% during Agnihotra with meditation, compared to meditation without Agnihotra.

Does Agnihotra increase alpha band brainwaves during meditation?

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